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Cold Isostatic Presses

Isostatic Pressing Process

In the isostatic pressing process, products are put in the closed container full of liquid and applied the equal pressure to each surface to increase their density under high pressure, thus getting the required shapes. With the progress of science and technology, isostatic presses are widely used in the forming of high-temperature refractory, ceramics, cemented carbide, lanthanon permanent magnet, carbon material and rare metal powder.

Characteristics of Isostatic Pressing Process

  1. Isostatic press is used to make the base. The density of the base is high and even. The sintering shrinkage is small, and it is not easy to deform.
  2. Long and thin rodlike or tube-shaped bases which are difficult to be made with a conventional molding process. 
  3. The products are of high strength and excellent machinability, greatly reducing the internal stress.
  4. Mould can easily be made, with long service life and lower cost.
  5. The compactions with large size are available, multiple compactions can be made in each cylinder.

Products Include:

  • U Series Experimental Integrated CIP
  • S Series Small-Sized CIP
  • C Series Small & Medium-Sized CIP
  • M Series Large & Medium-Sized CIP
  • Dry-Bag CIP
  • Supporting Devices