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Radiation Monitoring Systems

Aerosol Monitors & Iodine Monitors, single and multiple filter or cartridge RAM-01, RAM-31, RAM-TF, CAM-01, CCAM-11, CCAM-12, CCAM-TF, SMU-05, RIM-01, RIM-14, CCIM-11, CCAIM-11

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Coating Machines

USI’s product line of ultra-Thin Coating Application Technology (tCAT) spray coating platforms deliver a more precise coating application than conventional spray nozzles, film coaters and jetting technology

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Cold Isostatic Presses

In the isostatic pressing process, products are put in the closed container full of liquid and applied the equal pressure to each surface to increase their density under high

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Material Testing Machines

walter+bai ag Testing Machines supplies a wide range of material testing machines and systems for the safety and quality of materials, industrial products and buildings.

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Fuel Cell Testing Systems

With our in-depth expertise and unparalled experience, we can support your every testing need.
1. PEMFC Test Stations
2. SOFC Test Stations
3. Battery Test Stations
4. Cell Voltage Monitors
5. Current Density Distribution
and many more...

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Mass Spectrometers

We offer a wide variety of mass spectrometers designed for different applications and industries:
1. AirSense,
2. CombiSense,
3. EISense,
4. HSense,
5. PEMSense

And many more…

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Fuel Cell Consumables

We offer a wide variety of materials and chemicals for your every need when fabricating your prototype fuel cells. We also offer great bulk quantity discounts once you achieve greater volumes.

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Hydraulic Presses

We offer Hydraulic Presses for:
1. Composite Molding Presses,
2. Metal Stamping Presses,
3. Deep Draw Presses,
4. Automatic Production Lines

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Other Products

PVC Sealing Machines

We supply Nuclear Grade PVC Sealing Machines

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Turnkey Solutions

We supply turnkey solutions for:
Manufacturing Facilities

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